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Sleep dissatisfaction a concern for some truck drivers and pilots

A recent survey by the National Sleep Foundation found some rather alarming statistics regarding just how tired some pilots, train operators and truck drivers are. It also turns out their lack of sleep is a contributing factor in problems on the job and car accidents for those transportation workers going to and from work.

According to the survey, 23 percent of pilots and 26 percent of train-operators admitted that being tired affects their job at least once a week. One of five pilots also reported that being tired has caused them to make a serious mistake while on the job. Of those asked, 14 percent of truck drivers said that sleepiness has attributed to near misses while driving.

Right now, many of those in the transportation industry who reported being tired have claimed that their lack of consistent and quality sleep can be attributed to a constantly changing work schedule. This in turn means it may be harder for their body to adjust to sleeping and waking times.

In fact, of those asked, 44 percent of truck drivers, 57 percent of train-operators and 50 percent of pilots all reported not being satisfied with the sleep they are getting.

Additionally, being tired while on the job also leads to many getting into car accidents while driving home from work. This risk is also only increased by the fact that many working in the transportation industry report having long commutes.

Of course all of this poses quite the risk for Louisiana passengers, and those on Louisiana roadways, and can lead to quite serious accidents and injuries stemming from a drowsy driver.

Source: National Sleep Foundation, "Sleepy Pilots, Train Operators and Drivers," March 3, 2012

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